Dachshund Safety

You are considering adding a dachshund to your family. Congratulations! You will be so pleased with this wonderful, intelligent, funny, little hunter. There are a few things that are very important to know before you get your dachshund so that you can create the safest environment possible for your lovely FURbaby.


Your little dachshund has a drive like no other. He will hurt himself if he is not well trained on his leash. It’s very important to walk him often. When you walk him, he will pull. The way in which you train him is, and this will take a while, when he pulls, you stop. You stand very still and do not engage in conversation with him. Once he is still, begin walking again. The second he starts to pull, stop. Continue and be consistent. He will learn. But in the meantime, he needs a harness. Please don’t use his collar to attach his leash. He will hurt himself.


One of the biggest things to be mindful of with your dachshund is preventing injury. He is prone to hip and back problems. When you get him, please have a ramp or stairs for when he gets on and off your couch or bed. As with everything, be consistent, patient, and insist that he obey. It will save him all sorts of pain.


We here at Dixon Dachshunds, live in Iowa. It can get COLD here. None of my dachshunds have been big fans of sweaters, hats, or booties, but it’s possible yours will be. Regardless, please understand that your dachshund is not equipped to be outside in the cold or the hot for extended periods of time. So please plan accordingly.

Keep your dachshund safe!

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